iMobs on Travel Industry

The activities related to tourism can be well administered using I-Mobs Eddystone beacons in an effective manner. I-Mobs beacons ensures advanced connectivity and communication facilities wherever it is applied.

If beacons installed on Airports, It can be used as the information provider which includes location, check-in, information of gates or exits. I-Mobs helps to identify when any passengers are at risk of losing a flight. This is made possible if we place beacons near to security check. The train passengers will receive information about train delays and track informations clearly in advance at stations. In subways the information is received if people are desperately running down the corridor to catch the train. It helps a lot in luggage in Airport. I-Mobs is a complete companion for tourism Industry.

The use of I-Mobs were unlimited. As tourism industry is one of the sources of our Government revenue, I-Mobs gonna support it is in an effective manner.