My Green Rank App.

Technomobs is introducing an app called MYGreenRank App. MyGreenRank is an application intended to save energy. It is also an effort to show our commitment towards ‘Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030’. MyGreenRank App reduces energy usage by constant monitoring and tracking of power consumption.

MyGreenRank App - A solution to reduce energy consumption

Energy consumption is one of our prime responsibilities because every second of the world is depend upon the use of energy in different manner. Electricity power usage is an essential part our energy consumption. Not only in individual level but also in the social level too. So electricity power saving helps to reduce cost incurred to individuals and at the same time help to conserve it for future generations. MyGreenRank is such an initiative from Technomobs towards energy conservation.

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MyGreenRank is an app solution intended to reduce electricity power consumption by continuous monitoring and tracking. It is also the commitment towards Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 which is intended to reduce Dubai electricity consumption by 30%. This initiative is not confined to a mobile application rather it is a social movement for energy conservation. MyGreenRank App will lead to a mass movement. The app provides the user a complete transparent view of energy usage. The empowered user can be brought together to bring mass energy conservation. So apartments, villas, offices, towers, hotels the places where people gather and interact can be converted as large power saving hubs. MyGreenRank App helps the users to track daily usage. so it help them to compare power consumption during two distinctive periods. So it enable perfect result monitoring. User could easily identify how much electricity and money they saved. Complete customer delightment is ultimate result of MyGreenRank App.

Features of MyGreenRank App

MyGreenRank provides multiple amazing features to users. All the features are intended to give users transparent power consumption datas. Here are the detailed description of MyGreenRank App features.

Highly user friendly

MyGreenRank provides its users the power consumption details in clear and user friendly manner. The manual OCR and automated reading meters are presented in smooth way. The daily power consumption, usage comparison everything can be viewed and tracked using special visual features using MyGreenRank App.

Manual OCR and Automated Meter Reader for consumption monitoring

For acquiring data of energy consumption MyGreenRank App using Manual OCR acquisition methods and Automated meter readers. It also provides prepaid power usage with customised energy packs. This enable MyGreenRank App to help users to have Budget control on power usage.

Better Energy Consultations

Through MyGreenRank App the users will get better energy usage consultation as it provides exact energy usage data. Right usage will finally lead to optimal utilisation of electric power and thus help you to control the cost incurred on that.

The Gamification Effect

Once a user get good results. He/she will definitely share it with the communities which they belongs to. The same thing happens in the case of MyGreenRank app. This movement could lead to healthy competitions, campaigns and thus can create a mass movement. Changing community habits can bring great social reforms. It can produce a huge energy conservation for future generations.

Energy reduction contests module

Good efforts always needed to be encouraged and rewarded. Better rewards in energy conservation motivate people. So more and more people will be motivated to do such acts. so in this case MyGreenRank App can be used as the measuring tool for power saving.

Prepaid Energy Module

Mygreen advice and sponsored rewards provides a mechanism with prepaid top-ups. This facility makes energy costs affordable and takes low income citizen into consideration.

Every act start with simple and small efforts. When each and every person saves energy which he/she can, it can lead to great transformation. Energy is the most valuable thing in the world. Lack of care in that will not only affect the current generation but the future generations too. So let's have a care for what we consume