Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

The speciality of marketing is that it always search for new medias for its promotional activities. This is what lead to the evolution of marketing medias. It started in oral and then extended to different medias. It includes email communications, advertisements, commercial ads, online medias and now it has reached upto Whatsapp marketing. Whatsapp marketing actually utilise whatsapp messages for promotional activities. It is one of the latest ways of marketing.



Why Whatsapp Marketing?

In current scenario, Whatsapp is one of the popular social networking mediums. Among other social networking applications, whatsapp gained a special attention. The reason behind this is whatsapp can be installed without much complexities. No plugin is required for that. By simply entering your name and number you will get your account. There is no need to fill long forms to get whatsapp access. So the simplicity made whatsapp to achieve this demand.

The popularity and and wide reach of Whatsapp to people lead to the generation of the concept called Whatsapp marketing. Whatsapp marketing provides lot of benefits to those who adopt it. The major benefits are:

  • Whatsapp is a global application. So it has global reach. This makes your promotions to reach anywhere you want in the world
  • No plug in is required to get access to whatsapp. This reduces the configuration difficulties.
  • Character length of whatsapp messages are unlimited. So you don’t have to limit your promotion messages.
  • Whatsapp is available in every mobile platforms.
  • The biggest advantage of whatsapp is, it supports multiple media formats such as text, image, audio and videos. So you can compose your promotions in any media.
  • Another feature of whatsapp is it provides broadcasting features. So you coulds send same information to multiple individuals at a time.
  • The evaluation facility is another amazing feature of whatsapp marketing.

Why Technomobs?

Technomobs is one of the leading web and mobile app services provider based on UAE. We are not just a platform provider for your marketing activities rather ensure you complete marketing assistance. The huge whatsapp user database which We maintain can be your future clients. So we not only give you guidelines but also gives you the audience itself. It will be a value addition for you marketing activities. This you will not find anywhere else. Our team of experts are confident to meet any of your marketing requirements. Fast delivery in short time is our policy in marketing operations.