Airport Security.

The impact of mobile technology is affecting every industry in the world. New experiments were undergoing in mobile technology in order to better the performance in all areas it reached. Airport Industry does not turns away its face to this trend. Airport Industry is maximum exploiting the scope of mobile technology.

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Research on Technologies like Geo-location, NFC, Augmented reality and smartphone sensing, Apple ibeacons, etc in order to implement in airports were highly active. Managing mobile boarding passing is another application of mobile technology.

In Airport Industry, the role of mobile technology can be adopted in two ways. First one is in a passenger centric way and the later one is on the basis of airline operations. Passenger centric includes ticket booking, receiving boarding passes, payments and so on. The latter side include activities such as crew management and flight operations.

The most important aspect of the airport industry is its security. Mobile technology has a wide scope in the security operations of an airport. Mobile wallets plays a major role in this. It enables effective cash management. It is a safer option to make purchases of goods and services in airport. At the time of handling cash payments it ensures the confidentiality of the passenger information.

In our R&D wing , we are highly involved in our own experiments to develop applications which support airport security. All will hit the market very soon.