Introducing the government apps.

The government mobile apps solutions we provide, will aid governments in successfully overcoming data management & retrieval issues faced at a higher level.

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Secure and robust mobile apps for government

The corporate world has moved onto mobile apps to help them with management processes and to increase overall efficiency. Now, Governments have followed suit. The potential for mobile app development for governmental agencies is unlimited and Technomobs aims to help them smoothen the governing process and information flow.

Technomobs has domain experience & technical expertise in government apps development.

Central governing app development services

(India is a quasi-federal state. It doesn’t really apply. So, I don’t know what to do. I’ll just edit this off. And changing the term federal to central might work.)

Central government is involved in policy making and the control of national defense, foreign affairs, economy, education, and all the aspects related to functioning of a country. Security is the foremost concern during the creation of governance apps. Technomobs employs stringent security and functionality checks during all the phases of product development to ensure the security of the app developed.

A governance app will reduce manual labour and ensures maximum productivity. We, at Technomobs understand the seriousness of undertaking such a task and promise utmost reliability and efficiency. We offer to develop military and defensive apps, apps for online tax collection, apps for furthering communication between governmental organizations, and to help keep track of governmental policies and their success rate.

State government application development

State governments have initiated the use of mobile apps to further their reach, increase their popularity among the masses and to offer easy and round the clock access to public services. Technomobs offer innovative and scalable solutions that are customized to meet the need of different state governments. We offer applications that will empower individuals and organizations working with or under the state governments and facilitate the easy flow of information among state governments.

Mobile applications would help with internal communication within a state, managing data of all state governments and storing the data in independent repositories, making state policies and law updates available to the general public, and giving state residents freedom to apply for passport, driving license, and other documents through their mobile devices. Technomobs provides application development & deployment services to state government agencies. We will work with you to identify what all features should be added to develop the most secure & efficient state government app. If you have any query related to state government app development, contact us today.

Secure defence apps development

Technomobs has the necessary skill & secure Defence apps development environment required to design a top level architecture concept for your Defence application. Choice of architecture & programming strategy are two vital components of development process because the application is required to remain in the field for an extended period of time. The application will also be tested and upgraded often to ensure its efficiency.

The strategy that we follow when developing Defence applications revolves around two things: client’s requirement and the potential issues that team will encounter during the development phase. The apps we develop will enable State to enforce highest quality training standards for its forces. Our application solutions are robust and highly secure because of the stringent checks we perform.

Local government app development

Other than improving the functioning efficiency and communication within local government, a local government app development also increases the ease of keeping track of database and updating the local residents about government policies.

Technomobs deals in application development for local governments. We recognize the operational challenges faced by local government and design solutions tailor-made to cater to their needs. We offer mobile application solutions that deal the various aspects of local governance, like vehicle registration, park management, keeping track of local businesses, complaint registration, and offer to smoothen the functioning of local governments.