Access News, TV, Videos & Other Media With Mobile Media Apps Technomobs has expertise in offering mobile media apps development solutions to clients.The mobile app services we offer is designed at assisting companies understand the market, get ready and distribute effective content, and in maintaining and retaining their customers.We develop the solution that you desire after interacting with your team.

Content Delivery App Development For Mobiles

Mobile content delivery apps increase an opportunity for businesses and customers to communicate on a single system. We produce the most effective, impressive and effective of content delivery solutions. We aim at increasing your audience involvement & producing new revenue sources for your business with our applications.

The benefit of content delivery apps is that it gathers all the podcasts, RSS feeds, videos, and audio content in a single device to provide an outstanding entertainment experience to user. Using content delivery apps to distribute data among employees of organizations has also become very popular. Enterprises also use the content delivery apps to reach out to potential customers, who can access content updates anywhere and at all times.

Our understanding of complexities of mobile OS, including iOS, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, and WebOS enables us to create single platform and cross platform applications that are efficient and productive. Technomobs offer personalized mobile application solutions to our customers. We provide our clients with personal consultation opportunities to determine their business goals and to derive an action plan that will satisfy their business objectives.

Customer Retention App Development For Mobile Devices

Customer retention apps aim at helping the organization deliver exceptional service and thus ensure 100% customer satisfaction, leading to efficient customer retention.

A customer retention app can help you extend your market reach and get in touch with a huge pool of potential customers, and effectively gain customers by going where the customers are. Customer retention apps focus on customer satisfaction, providing them with round-the-clock assistance and help them with service related issues that they may face.

Customer retention apps are more advantageous than websites as the app is accessible via smart devices, while accessing website will be not as easy. Moreover, the engagement level is higher when you push the content to customer’s smart-phone in comparison to waiting for the customer to visit the website.