Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security providers in the world. Strongly placed as one of the top four providers of security solutions for endpoint users, Kaspersky Lab is constantly on the enhance of its market position. According to the company’s 2013 unaudited financial results, Kaspersky Lab’s global revenue increased by 6% compared to the previous year and achieved $667 million. Today it is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions.


The company today

Kaspersky Lab is an international group operating in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia, with its holding company registered in the United Kingdom. Kaspersky Lab currently employs more than 2,900 highly certified professionals. It has 32 associate territory offices in 30 countries and its products and technologies provide shield protection for over 300 million users and over 250,000 corporate clients globally. The company provides a wide range of products and solutions for different types of clients, with a special focus on large enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses.

Unique experience and knowledge

In 2013 Kaspersky Lab celebrated its 16th anniversary. Certainly, the company’s most valuable asset is the wealth of expertise – including malware research, counteracting potentially dangerous applications, traffic filters, etc. – it has obtained in those years of fighting major IT threats. This helps the company to stay one step ahead of the competition and provide its users with the most efficient protection against new types of attack.


Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device

is a one-license security solution to secure your digital assets on PCs, Macs and Android smartphones and tablets. With award-winning Kaspersky Lab technologies, it provide security that is enhanced for each device, offering real-time protection against all Internet threats. Whatever device you use to bank, shop, surf or chat online, you know that Kaspersky security technologies will ensure you're always safe. Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device combines Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android into one product with a single activation code.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

The company’s leading product for home users, delivers premium PC protection against all Internet threats and guarantees the protection of your digital identity, your money and your kids online. Another popular solution from the company’s consumer product range is Kaspersky Anti- Virus 2015, such as proven and reliable anti-malware technologies that provide highly effective essential PC protection against malware to millions of users across the world.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

It provides advanced security against cyber threats for Apple computers without affecting on performance. The solution guarantees you and your children are always safe online with advanced, real time protection against computer viruses, Trojans, spyware, phishing attempts, dangerous websites and more.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

provides premium protection for Android smartphones and tablets, combining everything you need to secure Android devices and the data stored on them against theft, loss, computer viruses and real-time Internet threats. Whether downloading apps, surfing the web, banking, shopping, or social networking, you are always safe from all Internet threats.

Kaspersky PURE

provides Kaspersky’s ultimate security for your PCs, identity, passwords, photos and more – plus our exclusive Safe Money technology adds an extra layer of security for your online financial transactions. Kaspersky PURE 3.0 is simple to use – and makes it simple to handle the security of multiple PCs from a single computer.

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