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FRS Suspect Detection

The world faces a lot of threats and risks at this present era and for the same reason the need for upgrading and integrating the security needs at all levels are highly vital. Video security, biometrics and face recognition systems are at the forefront of the world's efforts to cope up with the threats at hand. The need to accurately detect the suspects in real time or suspicious behaviour has become evident in places such as airports and railway stations, government and public buildings as well as around high security facilities such as water and energy utilities. Law enforcement officials, forensic investigators and security personnel have a persistent need to resolve suspects’ identities from any kind of photographic evidence that captures an image of a suspect's face including video surveillance cameras.

Technomobs IT Solutions Dubious detection System

Suspect Detection System, is a new biometric solution from Technomobs IT Solutions which allows the monitoring team to identify individuals from low­resolution photographs or video.recognition technology designed to increase the speed and improve the perfection of criminal investigations.In law enforcement, forensic investigative operations and other security environment there is a crucial need to compare multiple facial images to figure out if the images are of the same or different individuals. For fast and accurate digital facial comparison and identification, experts use Technomobs IT Solutions Dubious detection System, which is the most effective digital device in the market, providing timely, accurate and analytical comparison of multiple facial images.


  • Enrollment from photograph / still camera / video stream
  • Real time multiple video stream analysis and reconcile the evidence with facts
  • N:N matching from the video / database
  • High scalability in terms of watch list size, number of cameras and live video stream
  • Assist in preventing an unwanted event in advance
  • Enhance the CCTV Surveillance system to an intelligent security solution.
  • The system can automatically detect faces of people that appear in the surveillance area.
  • With its intelligent face recognition methods, FRS Suspicious detect analyses the input from numerous IP cameras, compare the captured face images with database containing previously stored profiles and experience templates of the suspects
  • As face images are recognized, the system automatically captures and records those images along with camera number, date and time.

This system is well suited for:

  • Law Enforcement agencies, Airports & other high traffic areas
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Casinos, Clubs, Sport arenas
  • Banks & Buildings requiring high security
  • Auditoriums & public places
  • Shopping malls, Hotel LobbiesShopping malls, Hotel Lobbies

System Targets

  • Centralized Digital Suspect Album
  • Minimum efforts to enrol a Suspect
  • Automatic Suspect Detection
  • Complete traceability, who came at what time in front of which camera
  • Automatic alerts in case a suspect is found

System Workflow

  • Step 1 : Suspect profile is enrolled to the system using old photographs, digital images, off­line videos, etc.
  • Step 2 : Live faces are captured from the target cameras / face traps
  • Step 3 : Crop and optimise the image to convert into system understandable templates
  • Step 4 : Match the templates with existing database (templates)
  • Step 5 : Stores faces in local database
  • Step 6 : Any matches found, system send alerts to pre­configured numbers/email IDs / pop ups.