Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry Development

Blackberry is considered as the giant mobile application platform. It is quite degraded among the competing mobile application development platforms. But blackberry has still the potential and possibility to get back to action. The leverages and powerful process handling is the trump cards of blackberry. We Technomobs adopts as well as the features enabled in the Blackberry’s coding frameworks and we boost the Blackberry apps with – productivity concern, enterprise level concern, e-commerce application level concern and finally customized app level concern.



Why Blackberry

Nowadays the companies looking forward to systems such as “BYOD” - bring your own device. BYOD provides customised information systems for business enterprises. So All business activities can be handled through a smartphone. Blackberry apps were the one who make sense to the concept.

Research In Motion (RIM) is another advanced technology or feature provided by blackberry apps to the business sector. it provides business owners the peace of mind which is necessary when employees use a personal phone as a business phone. Protection of company data, Safe and secure company networks, Easy-to-use end-user experience, Secure transmission of sensitive data over the Internet are the advantages of this feature.

It ensures high security.The integrity of BlackBerry security features and its ever-expanding tools makes blackberry apps a necessary. Were BYOD concept is well integrated.

Why Technomobs?

In Technomobs, Along with the adoption of features enabled in Blackberry coding frameworks, we gives our contributions. We boost the blackberry apps with productivity, enterprise level and e-commerce level concerns. Finally nourish that with customised features. Irrespective of the screen size and operating system concerns ( 7.0/7.1 for Bold, Torch, Curve devices and 10.1. x for Z10, Q10, Q5 devices) we develops apps on Blackberry in various versions. Our services were extended to devices such as Blackberry 10(it supports HTML5 and web-kit browser, QA, technical architecture etc .We support the development technologies like

- BlackBerry JDE, BlackBerry Widget SKD, BlackBerry Runtime APIs
- Location Based Services
- Enterprise Applications
- Sales Automation