iMobs on Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is an industry which contribute a major portion of the revenue of the Government. It consist of lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line and so on. Hospitality demands effective communication and connectivity. It requires good deal of information exchange. I Mobs eddystone beacons can be well fitted into hospitality industry for making dynamic information exchange.

I Mobs beacons can be applied into hospitality industry in several ways. If we use 1 or 2 beacons and detect the movement pattern between them, we could get information on people waiting line : name, image, last orders and so on. It also give an idea on what to recommend with clients usual orders. Using i mobs it is easy to inform a passing client about a venue, whether it is full and how much space is free and so on. Beacons can also be used outside the hotels. You could detect an existing client by checking his data with booking data. By keeping a predefined questions you could reach him/her any time. I mobs paves way for this. I mobs enables automated check-in at hostels and other such situations. it facilitates easy unlock of doors and enable certain services. Advanced customer tracking facility is one of the amazing feature of I Mobs. Here you could track an incoming customer who have already applied by the mobile app and complete his/her order in a fast manner. Order taking in a restaurant can be made simple using I Mobs. The waiter can take order even without reaching the customer table. I Mobs support clients in every manner delivery of digital newspaper is one of such service.

The benefits I Mobs provide to Hospitality never ends. The above mentioned things are just some of them. The list actually goes on. I Mobs, in every manner is a suitable companion for Hospitality sector.