iMobs on Corporate Industry

The corporate sector consist of interorganizational and intraorganizational operations. Management of such activities can be done easily with I-Mobs Eddystone beacons. It simplify every task related with that.

I-Mobs help you to track items within the company. It includes the details of who is using items such as travel laptop, projector and so on. In multinational companies, I-Mobs, helps employees to locate others. This will smoothen the communications. Beacons helps to get correct location informations. So it paves way for better networking during conferences and events. I-Mobs ensures effective utilisation of conference/meeting rooms. I-Mobs provides schedules, free/busy status, link to calendar etc. I-Mobs helps to deliver slides after presentation using beacons. In brief I-Mobs is fit enough to corporate world.

Did you belongs to the corporate world or part of that ? Then don’t hesitate just implement it into your systems. You will see the difference.