iMobs on Automotive Sector

I-Mobs is a perfect solution for real estate business. It provides complete support in Selling and its documentation activities. For example, if the product is an apartment I-Mobs support to promote that on lease or for sale.

I-Mobs helps in showcasing the properties, in interacting with prospective buyers and automating the the buying process and other such key activities.

I-Mobs open thousands of doors to sales. For example if a property need to be sold, the one thing have to do is to attach the beacon to the property. It will automatically broadcast the property information to public. Those who interested could come with an offer. I-Mobs help you to track your property visitors through automated check-in. I-Mobs could provide details including virtual tours to the visitor in advance. So the visitor will get an idea even before he/she enters the property. Likewise I-Mobs offers endless features sellers, buyers as well as brokers.

I-Mobs enhance the performance of all players in real estate sector and make sure better business interactions. Are you a real estate player? Then I-Mobs is an inevitable thing.