iMobs on Retail Industry

Shopping is always a routine activity for everyone. Most of us think to simplify that to the maximum extent. We wish to get what we need with less wastage of time. Here is a glad news! All your requirements will be fulfilled with the new ‘I Mobs’.

I Mobs is the new eddystone beacon from Technomobs. We are sure that I Mobs gonna change the retail industry. It opens new possibilities of information exchange to retail industry.Let's examine how it is happening.

I Mobs provides a better shopping experience. Here the shopping is triggered even before a customer enters into a shop. It establish a connection between the user smartphone and the product in the retail unit. It is equally useful to the shop owner as well as the customer.

I Mobs helps to send offers and discounts to customers through his/her smartphone when the person near to the product. If you are a seller, then you could push an old customer who is nearby. You could greet him and check his previous searches in your shop and let him now if his desired product is in your stock. It allows the shop or venue employees to quickly read useful information about the customer. it includes preferred menu/beverage,customer name, what was his/her last order and so on. I Mobs helps to optimise service flow according to sales trends. I Mobs helps to expand your sales to others. It offers coupons to people after a purchase, to share with their friends thus invite their friends to next sale or to the special events. It also allows shoppers to tag a product to friends who was looking for it. I mobs utilise the waiting time of customers by sending them information about a new product or service. With I Mobs street side vendors could announce about their new arrivals to public. I Mobs ensures information exchange within 200ft radius of the beacon. I mobs makes the shopping a fun an interactive event. It offers reward for completing tasks within the venue. Customers could take photos with latest collection items and share it with public. Through I Mobs shop owner could offer stickers and other compliments if they visit certain parts of the store or events. The speciality of I Mobs is that it offers complete assistance to customers which includes things other than shopping. Detailed parking assistance is one among them.

In every aspect I Mobs eddystone beacons helps, the shoppers to promote their product in every manner and customers to get a delighting shopping experience. We are sure that the retail industry will be known before and after I Mobs. The time has arrived.