iMobs for General Purpose

Apart from the above mentioned categories of the applications of I-Mobs ( of course I-Mobs does not confined to these ) there are other general uses for I-Mobs Eddystone beacons. let’s have look on that.

I-Mobs helps you to speed up the payment process and and offer contactless payment. I-Mobs is better device for tracking. You could track anything using this and that can be personal or non personal things. I-Mobs help the disabled or blind people by giving voice activated directions or alerts. It instantly works with your passbook and help your clients to receive offers, discounts or coupons. I-Mobs beacons are best location based devices so all such requirements will be fulfilled with this.

I-Mobs provides the smartness to the objects, places, things to which they are connected. We are quite sure that in future these beacons will create smart cities around the globes.