iMobs on Entertainment Industry

When we here entertainment what came to our mind is all fun and enjoyment. Of Course it should be like that. When it comes to entertainment, Happiness should be in its peak. When we integrate technology to entertainment sector this condition should be fulfilled. I-Mobs Eddystone beacons meets the requirement.

In Entertainment sector location based facilities plays a major. I-Mobs provides various location based services. Shop based activities can be conducted with the help of this feature. Here I-Mobs helps in rewarding. The applications of I-Mobs is widespread. When passing by a cinema I-Mobs could send vouchers and film details to people. Superfast check-in throughout events along with geo fencing facility is another exciting feature of I-Mobs. Augmented laser tag games, stadium promote merchandise are some of the attractions of I-Mobs.

The benefits of I-Mobs are endless. In every nook and corner of entertainment sector we could find an application of I-Mobs. In brief it is a all in one solution for Entertainment sector.