iMobs on Tourism Industry

Tourism is one of the prime industry in our country. Large scope is there for tourism in our country. Technology integration is a better way for empowering tourism industry.Technology help to improve communication and reduce complexity of operations.

I Mobs is a perfect solution for tourism industry. With I Mobs you could control different logistics activities, communication requirements, documentations etc. Such things can be accomplished in an efficient manner.

I Mobs tiny signal broadcasting chips can be attached to any tourist objects, location and places. I Mobs creates an interaction between the visitors and the things which they are visiting. It also offers facilitates to leave comments regarding the experience and also a chance to read previous comments. The administrators of the tourist places could analyse how much time a visitor spend on a particular spot. This is accompanied by analysing the the visitor and the I Mobs beacons. Tourist places should give proper guidance to the users. I Mobs helps the visitors to get adequate assistance regarding the tourist places. This facilitates self guided tours. I Mobs also delivers highly descriptive digital maps to the visitors.

I Mobs is a two supporting device. Every industry I Mobs shows this feature. It serves the visitors and administrators from the tourist places in same manner. We are actually focused on the development of the whole system not of a single player.