iMobs on HealthCare Industry

Healthcare sector is one of the important industry in our country because it deals with our life. here technology integration will play a vital role. I-Mobs eddystone beacons does exactly the same.

I-Mobs will be fitted into healthcare sector. It helps drug stores to promote free check-ups to bypassers. Location related services can also performed using the beacons. Hospitals can take advantage of this. They could guide patients and visitors to reach correct service points in an hospitals. Along with that hospital management could make the patients and their relatives aware regarding the rules and code of conduct of the Hospital. With I-Mobs hospital could optimise the operations and make the services simple.

We know the importance of health care sector to our society. I-Mobs is not only our innovation but also part of our social commitment. We are sure that I-Mobs gonna bring good changes in the society.