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New interface Google is testing right now in Google Maps


New interface Google is testing right now in Google Maps

It's moderately rare that an application that begins a sea change in any market remains a market pioneer for an extended time frame. Commonly, early offerings offer approach to rival items that refine the initial offerings and include new elements. On account of Google Maps, in any case, Google managed to launch a revolution in personal mapping and navigation, and then maintain a clear lead in this essential space in the years that took after. Today, Google Maps keeps on driving the local search and personal navigation markets, due in expansive part to Google's proceeding with endeavors to include valuable new elements and updations to the application. Also, now, we've been treated to a sneak look at yet another intriguing change Google is trying for its market-driving Maps application.

Android news blog Android Police recently noticed a clever change in the Google Maps route interface on Android, yet immediately expelled it as a restricted beta feature. Google permits clients to go into an open beta program that gives them access to different features not accessible in public build of Google Maps. Some of those elements wind up advancing toward public Google Maps releases while others perish from neglect, so there's frequently no use in covering them.

This particular new feature offers a very useful new interface tweak, and it ended up reaching the latest public Google Maps release — but only after the blogger who found it deleted the app and then reinstalled it. Here’s an image from Android Police:

As you can see, a new “more” option appears on the ETA bar while the user is navigating. When tapped, it provides quick access to the following features:

  • Search along route

  • Alternate routes

  • Directions (in list form)

  • Settings

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