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Alcohol-sensing wearable wants to tell you how drunk you are


Alcohol-sensing wearable wants to tell you how drunk you are

While the world of wearables has been getting a bit stale recently, Proof by Milo Sensors is trying to switch things up a bit. The slim band fits around your wrist like any of the fitness trackers on the market, but instead of tracking your motions with an accelerometer, Proof reads alcohol molecules through your skin.

Based on the Proof , the enzyme-based electrochemical sensor convert alcohol into a current , and it will display your blood alcohol content(BAC) using Android or iOS app. Your friends at the bar may believe you are checking your  mobile, however rather you are checking whether you’re sufficiently clam to drive home.

In addition to tracking your present level, Proof can predict how drunk you'll be later in the night. It can likewise foresee when you'll be calm and can give caution you when you a chance to hit a particular BAC level. So in case you're slowing down at the bar and need to know when you're sufficiently calm to drive, punch it into the application and it will send you a notice to your gadget letting you know you're sufficiently calm to drive.

The app also has a friends feature that's invite only, so that you can track your loved ones that are out for the night and make sure they're drinking responsibly.

While the tracker could unfortunately be used as a competition to see who gets the drunkest, CEO and founder Evan Strenk tells Mashable that he wants to, "empower people to make educated decision about alcohol."

According to Proof's website, the band uses disposable cartridges to ensure, "reliable alcohol tracking for over 12 hours."

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