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Localise Your Mobile Apps - 6 Steps


Localise Your Mobile Apps - 6 Steps

In common localising mobile apps seem to be a difficult task. Here is the six steps which will create easiness in localising your mobile apps.

1. Be clear where to launch

Developers have the complete control over thee app regarding the country in which the app need to launch. They should have a clear idea about this. Fixing the country to launch sharpens the promotions, reduce the expense and help to reach the target audience.

2.  Translate the app description

usually the apps will be available in different languages for different users. But in reality it is not enough. The app description in the app store be provided according to the countries it is launching. It helps the users to get a clear idea about the app since they are new to that. This will ultimately help to boost the download rate of the app.

3.  Try to isolate the app’s text

Try to pull every piece of text out of their app before translating. Then organize each line in a spreadsheet. This process of giving each line of text a unique identifier helps for future reference.

4. Be clear about the language

When we try to localise the app for different languages, the developer need decide which languages to support. Here the general thumb rule or EFIGS ( English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) can be used.

5.  Redesign portion plays an important role

inserting the text back to the app is critical area in localisation of the app. It usually creates problems. For example sentence which has 6 words in English may have 10 words in French. So the screen space allocated may not be adequate. So such portions need special attention in advance.

6.  Cultural languages differences

While translating the app text, always consider the cultural differences. Other wise it will create a negative feeling in the mind of users. For example the date representation vary from countries to countries. So such things need to be taken care.


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  • Adharsh

    I like it.....localizing mobile apps development really useful for business which focus on mobile app development

    March 08, 2016 AT 9:53 am
  • Anu Das

    Very informative......

    March 08, 2016 AT 9:40 am
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