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    Dubai Fish Hut Restaurant

    A new re invention of Dubai Fish Hut website happened by integrating interactive and visually impressive web designs. The total empowerment of backend services with latest requirements added value to that. The combine backend and design impacted in increased traffic.

    The rate which the user spending time on website doubled

    Traffic increased by 30 % on Dubai Fish Huit website

    Bounce rate showed a decrease of 60 %

    The website gives users a visual treat of Fish Hut seafoods specials

  • The Design
    Check out the greatest creations we have made for Dubai Fish Hut
  • The Results
    We are able to create exactly what Fish Hut team wished. A perfect seafood restaurant ambience was created through website. Now the web site is fit to meet any clients with visual and functional impacts. The mobile application reduced the complexity of the indoor activities of the restaurant such as order tracking. a few months.
  • The Details
    Dubai Fish Hut team came to technomobs with a need to create an impact of Fish Hut seafoods specials in online medias. They need to extent the demand they get in real world to the virtual world. Along with that they also want to automate some of their daily routines through mobile and web applications.
    Technomobs approached Fish Hut projects with design, development collaboration and customisation . The challenge in front of us is, it not a project which demands visual impacts alone. Along with visual impact it demands interactive functionalities.

    The first phase was design. Throughout the designing process, what our designers focused was to create an ambience of real time seafood restaurant to the website. They have 100% won in that. As the product is food items, We created a real time appearance to images. For that good quality big images was used. The interphase is designed in such way that it works in a smooth and crisp way. The design phase is successfully completed. Then it was handovered to the development team.

    The second phase was development. The website developed using PHP, Coordinator and framework. Fish Hut project includes both website and mobile application. So there includes company and client usages. the facility for adding latest food items, videos, blog are the direct requirements of the company. Seat reservation, reviews are the client oriented functionalities. The fish hut mobile application is mainly used for order taking. It helped the restaurant people to take orders with much specification ( Includes items, sub items, flavors etc.). The Site construction completed with facebook, Google login and they build using APIs. Thus the development phase is completed.

    It is Only by the combined efforts of designers and developers We could make Fish Hut a reality. The Fish Hut web and mobile applications are now ready to meet both the administrative and client requirements.


    Site traffic increased by 30%.

    Complexity of restaurant order tracking reduced by 100%.

    Bouncing rate decreased by 60 %.

    The impact which Fish Hut having over known customers expanded throughout the media. Now website gives the exact feeling of real time restaurant.

    The response of site over various search engines especially google increased.

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