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Alwaraq الوراق Arabic Books

Project Description

Alwaraq ( الوراق ) mobile application showcases the most important arabic books and resources that have influenced the arab-islamic civilization.This application contains around 1200 free arabic books and resources categorized into wide range of subjects like poetry, literature,history,geography,medicine...etc. The organization is founded by the legendary H.E Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sowaidi.
RoadMap : Bibliography,articles, newsletters,full text search.
The contents of the application:

1. 800 free arabic Books in Main Arabic Library
2. 400 arabic Resources in Extended Library
3. 295278 Pages
4. Holy Quran
5. Search Facility
6. Dairalaqool and Barzakh Article Module
7. Lisan Dictionary Search
8. Offline reading of books
Users can maintain a list of their favourite books and download them to do offline reading of their favourite books.

Future releases to make all the features in http://www.alwaraq.net website available in this application.


  • Design
  • Javascript
  • Backend